Youtube integration

Written on April 20, 2012

Hi artists,

We noticed many of you have most of your audience on YouTube. And if you’ve been following us from the start, you’ll know that we don’t like the idea of wasting time making static videos and uploading the same thing several times, in slightly different formats.

So, first, we’d like to point out again that our MP3 files are not re-encoded. They are exactly the MP3s you upload, with fixed tags. And they are hotlinkable. That means we don’t do silly things like redirect you if you follow a direct link to an MP3 without going through our site first. Which also means a direct link to an MP3 here is a pretty decent alternative to Mediafire. Just sayin’.

On to the new things. Today we’re rolling out YouTube integration. You can now link your YouTube account to your EqBeats account. Now, why would you do that you ask? Well, when you’ve uploaded a track on EqBeats, you can now click a button and we’ll take the MP3, the cover art, make a video, and upload it to your youtube account, along with a download link in the description. In ten seconds flat.

To put it bluntly, you can now reach your followers on both YouTube and EqBeats in a single upload, without having to make a video.

And we might do the same thing for SoundCloud if some of you request it. Or another website, if you have suggestions.