The longest, softest fall.

Written by codl on April 18, 2014

Two years ago, I was contacted by a fellow developer named fmang, on the basis that we were both French and bronies and that we should totally do a project together. So after a bit of soul-searching, we decided that hosting music on YouTube was really stupid and inconvenient, and we set out to revolutionize the brony music scene by building a music hosting site. Within a week, a domain name was acquired, EqBeats was born and already enjoying success. Development was quick, popularity was rising massively and a handful of big names eventually came to trust us, bringing with them a constant flow of users. All in all, a pretty successful start.

Now, this sounds like the intro to a big change announcement, doesn’t it? You’d expect something like “Now after over two years of loyal service, we’ve been acquired by Everfree Network” or “Sadly, our bandwidth costs have gone through the roof and we must now shut down. Sorry!” But this is nothing so spectacular, and we have been hinting at it for a very long time. It’s about time we make an public statement:

EqBeats has fallen out of development.

To be blunt, we’ve both lost interest in EqBeats, in brony music, and in MLP in general. We’ve had our fun, then we moved on.

What does this mean? What’s going to happen now?

For users: Nothing much. EqBeats is still up, still being maintained, we’ll still fix any bugs you report. It won’t get any new features, but it’s not going away.

For developers: We need you! Looking for an open source project to contribute to? Ever wished you could be the project leader of a website about ponies? Maybe being a maintainer is your one true calling? We’d like to extend an invitation to come chat with us in #eqbeats on (webchat) or hit us up at, we’ll be happy to talk.