Sunsetting EqBeats

Written by codl on August 07, 2015

We’re shutting down. EqBeats has always been a two-person show and neither of us is willing to keep maintaining EqBeats, and while it’s been running fine unsupervised for the last year or so, it still costs money to run every month, and we’re not comfortable letting it run completely unmoderated.

What is going to happen

On December 28th, 2015, EqBeats will stop accepting new tracks, new comments, sign-ups, and will stop collecting statistics on tracks. We’re going into archive mode. Everything will stay online indefinitely, every track will still be available for playback and for download, we won’t break any links.

What you should do about it

You’re probably planning to move to another service. Tell us what kind of exporting tools you would like. An archive file with all your tracks? Batch upload to SoundCloud? To To another service? Let us know and we’ll do what we can.

You can email us at, hop into our IRC channel, #eqbeats on, or you can tweet me @codl.