Summer-Fall updates; looking for C++ developers

Written on September 23, 2012

Summer has been busier than expected. Unfortunately, the big update isn’t ready yet, but it could be considered mostly done. The good ol’ reliable version still works, so why fix what ain’t broken? (lazy man’s excuse for not doing anything)

Less important: we’ve added OpenSearch support. That means you can easily add EqBeats to your browser’s search engines. And there is this fancy new blog. Hope you like it! There has also been a small change to the youtube uploading system: if your track is unpublished when you upload it, it will be unlisted on youtube.

Also, if any developer wanna help, send us a mail or check the chat (#eqbeats on We live on UTC+2, if that’s your timezone, that’s perfect; if not, don’t expect to see us at 4 AM UTC. We’re specifically looking for volunteers with some experience with C++, as well as *nix. You needn’t know C++ perfectly, you’ll be here to learn and practice, not to show off fake skills. Still interested? Good!