Licenses and FLAC/WAV/... support

Written on June 01, 2012

As some of you probably noticed, we’ve added the ability to define licenses.

If you’re an artist, we strongly suggest that you use a Creative Commons license. The copyright (legal default) is way too restrictive. You can define the license you want to use from the account edition page.

Also, you can now upload whatever audio file you want, be it MP3, Vorbis, WAV or FLAC, or even some obscure format. The file will be automatically transcoded to both Vorbis and MP3, and will be available for download too.

Concerning track ordering, this isn’t a crucial feature, so it will have to wait. There may be more important internal updates before. If you really want some feature, feel free to tell us.

Development might have looked slow these last weeks, but don’t fear, we keep working on EqBeats!