More new stuff.

Written by codl on January 15, 2013

Hello all!

We’ve just pushed some updates to the website a few days ago.

Detailed statistics

Took us long enough, but here it is, a day by day report of views, plays, and downloads; as well as a report of referrers (where did visitors click through to your track).

Of course this is still a very new feature, so we only have statistics going back about a month, and there will be discrepancies between it and the plain old hit counter.

More audio formats

We now transcode every upload to two more codecs:

  • AAC, for the sake of iDevices
  • Opus

Now I’m fairly sure most of you haven’t heard of Opus, so let me tell you about it. It is a fairly new codec (July 2012), worked upon by the Xiph.Org foundation, Skype/Microsoft, Mozilla and others, with the ambition to be efficient at pretty much any bitrate. And, surprisingly enough, it meets its goal, all the while being better than every other codec at most bitrates.

Most importantly, it is an open, royalty-free standard, so those of you who care about software patents should already be smiling, and those of you who don’t should probably go read up on them.

Sadly, it’s still not widely supported, but if you’re using Firefox, you’re already listening to it.

We have tinkered with our encoding settings so that those two codecs (as well as Vorbis) are comfortably streamable on a slow internet connection, while still remaining very close to the original uploaded file. But, we’re not sound engineers or anything, and thus we would appreciate your feedback on this.

On this note, we’d like to stress once again that uploading lossless files is always the better option. While we do accept most formats imaginable, transcoding from MP3 or other lossy formats to yet another lossy format will incur more loss than transcoding from FLAC or WAV or ALAC to a lossy format.

Happy everything

In other news, we’re in 2013 now apparently?

Happy new year, folks. Hope your year was as fascinating and fulfilling as it could have been, and that the new one will be too.

With the new year comes another milestone: EqBeats is now one year old! Thanks to all of you for trusting us with your music and making EqBeats into the sizeable repository that it is now.