Switching out a few gears

Written on December 07, 2012

Hey folks,

We’ve just pushed out a big update today. It’s mostly a rewrite of the backend, so you shouldn’t see a lot of changes. However, this update was in the works for more than six months already, and prevented us from any kind of fast update-pushing, so finally seeing the end of that means we can start working on other, more interesting things again.

So if you have a feature you’ve always wanted to see, we’re listening, on our Github issue tracker or still via Email or IRC. Yes, we already know you guys want stats, and we’d like you to tell us what kind and at which density.

And of course, if you see a bug appear with the update, please let us know as soon as possible.

Come in, we're open!

Written on October 07, 2012

Hi folks,

We’ve put this off long enough, but EqBeats is now Free Software! The code is licenced under the BSD-3 license, and is available to view, reuse, or contribute to, in its GitHub repository.

Moving to GitHub also means we get a bugtracker so direct all your bug reports and feature requests to it here.

Thanks to Nido, Valodim and Igor for answering our call to developers and giving us the push we needed to get rolling again.

Summer-Fall updates; looking for C++ developers

Written on September 23, 2012

Summer has been busier than expected. Unfortunately, the big update isn’t ready yet, but it could be considered mostly done. The good ol’ reliable version still works, so why fix what ain’t broken? (lazy man’s excuse for not doing anything)

Less important: we’ve added OpenSearch support. That means you can easily add EqBeats to your browser’s search engines. And there is this fancy new blog. Hope you like it! There has also been a small change to the youtube uploading system: if your track is unpublished when you upload it, it will be unlisted on youtube.

Also, if any developer wanna help, send us a mail or check the chat (#eqbeats on irc.ponychat.net). We live on UTC+2, if that’s your timezone, that’s perfect; if not, don’t expect to see us at 4 AM UTC. We’re specifically looking for volunteers with some experience with C++, as well as *nix. You needn’t know C++ perfectly, you’ll be here to learn and practice, not to show off fake skills. Still interested? Good!

We're not dead!

Written on July 05, 2012

So, as expected, June has been busy. Still, we’ve improved a few things, including our spam filter. EqBeats now supports module files (MOD, XM, IT, etc…) too.

We’re also preparing a massive update of the software. This is going to take some time though, but the development should be boosted very soon. Expect new features.

Licenses and FLAC/WAV/... support

Written on June 01, 2012

As some of you probably noticed, we’ve added the ability to define licenses.

If you’re an artist, we strongly suggest that you use a Creative Commons license. The copyright (legal default) is way too restrictive. You can define the license you want to use from the account edition page.

Also, you can now upload whatever audio file you want, be it MP3, Vorbis, WAV or FLAC, or even some obscure format. The file will be automatically transcoded to both Vorbis and MP3, and will be available for download too.

Concerning track ordering, this isn’t a crucial feature, so it will have to wait. There may be more important internal updates before. If you really want some feature, feel free to tell us.

Development might have looked slow these last weeks, but don’t fear, we keep working on EqBeats!

Upcoming Features

Written on May 28, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, we’ve been quite busy this month, and June might be the same. Here are some of the features you can expect by end of July:

First, we’ll let you choose the license you want to use for your songs. You’ll be able to set that for every single track or use the same license for all your songs.

Second, we may let you order your tracks on your profile page, or let you select your favorite track to feature it on your profile.

Third, we should also add a way to upload anything. Using the original MP3 (like we do) is probably the best option to prevent quality loss, but some people want to be able to use formats like FLAC anyway. We’ll figure that out.

Maybe some updates for hackers too.

As usual, we might also tweak the design. We’re not designers so don’t expect anything magnificient. If you’re a designer and want to help, you can send us a mail at contact@eqbeats.org or try to catch us on the chat (#eqbeats on irc.ponychat.net, or simply click the Chat link above).

We hope that we’ll bring updates sooner though.

Also, EqBeats now hosts more than 1300 tracks and 200 artists.